Updated: Earl

The good news is that Hurricane Earl has a low chance of even reaching severity two status, which means reach 96 – 110mph winds.The bad news, is that Earl’s center is going smackdab over Anguilla at some point late tonight/tomorrow morning.
earlWe know for sure we’ll loose electricity as ANGLEC turns it off in these situations to minimize damage from falling electric poles etc. No electricity for a while means no water for a while. Buckets are organized and ready to pull water out of the cistern, drinking water, bleach, dry goods and first aid kits are assembled. All electrical devices are fully charged, typically cell phone service is the last thing to go out during hurricanes.

earl2The house is boarded up, which I actually consider to be the (hopefully) worst part of it – anticipating the hurricane in the dark, which is not conducive to remaining calm and relaxed and it bothers the kids out as well. It being 85 degrees, no AC and now having all doors and windows boarded up also isn’t helping the situation and if I had to guess, I’d say that there isn’t a lot of sleep in my future. At least the girls are great sleepers, hopefully they’ll miss all the action.

To follow the happenings of Earl, check out this linkĀ www.nhc.noaa.gov.

I’m going to fight the mob at the grocery store now, wish me luck!

Update 8pm:

I survived the store, although there wasn’t a single loaf of bread left and going shopping to the sound of windows being hammered shut isn’t very comforting. But I got some flour and (tonic and limes and Excedrine) and baked bread so it’s all good.

Unfortunately, Earl slowed down a bit and is gaining strength with pressure still dropping, so forecasts are now saying the eye won’t pass until noon tomorrow, and by then it may be a category 3 hurricane with 111 – 130mph winds.

Good thing we got all the coconuts off the tree today, a 4 pound coconut sounds like a mighty dangerous projectile in 130 mph/210 kmh. Now back to waiting…. and watching… and waiting…. ugh….

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