Time + Risk = Special Present

Anguilla essentially has no stores, no cute places to buy kids presents, no craft supply stores and no chains of any kind. Especially around Christmas and birthday time, this tuns into quite a conundrum.
Sure you can spend $100 on transport and waste an entire day going to St Martin, going from store to store, but for those of us that despise shopping – that is the equivalent of very expensive torture.

But its not just the lack of availability I struggle with when trying to figure out presents, its also the “store bought” thing I am not very fond of. (Although lets be honest, I would happily change my tune if there was a
Target closer than within a 5 country radius from Anguilla.)
The thing is – buying is easy.
Easy is not special.
And at least to me, the point of a present is to let someone know that you took time to come up with something they would like, that would make them smile and feel special. “Time” being the focus word there, since at the end of the day that is the only thing we truly ever can give to others.

So for the twins’ 10th birthday I wanted to come up with something unique that somehow incorporated all those things.

Enter the double-digit curtain.

It’s pretty ridiculous looking, I know, but hear me out…..

While I am fairly adept with all kinds of crafty things, I am well aware that I cant paint.
But that’s precisely the point.
Its easy to make something for someone that you’re good at. There is little risk involved and the end result is “safe”. Nothing wrong with that, I do that all the time but for the girls 10th double digit birthday I wanted to
communicate something different, something much more memorable.

The thing is, the girls know how busy I am. They know there are no stores here. They know I can’t paint.
They know that single-handedly running this whole operation, a career, travel and a something vaguely resembling a life has me at, or rather over overcapacity.
But for precisely those reasons I wanted them to know that I made the time and tried something for them that I’m not good at because…. DOUBLE DIGIT BIRTHDAYS!

So out of an old mattress cover ( damn you no craft supply Target) became a double-digit curtain they had to walk through on their birthday, the morning of May 9 and 10  in order to officially turn 10.

Man, you should have seen the smiles on each of their faces, they could have easily lit up the entire island.

And while they may not be able to articulate the reasons why that silly curtain is special, I bet years from now they won’t remember the gifts I bought them for their 10th birthday, but they might remember the curtain, that turned them from single to double digits.

Mission accomplished!

Author: akafrancie

Originally Swiss, recovering Caribbean island inhabitant. Amateur zoo keeper. Probably under-caffeinated, always hungry and curious. Interested in technology, collaboration and connecting people. Resourcefulness is my super power.

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