Road Trip Fun Facts

  • Days spent travelling: 44 or 6 weeks
  • Number of suitcases taken: 3, which is 2/3 of a suitcase per person.
  • Number of transportation methods used: 9, car and taxi, ferry boat, bicycle, subway, kayak, bus, paddle boat, plane, monorail.
  • Distance driven: 4500 miles or 7200  km, or roughly 300 times the length of Anguilla. Or like crossing the US along the orange route below, twice.
  • Average miles/km per day: 102 mi/ km
  • Average price of gasoline in the US: 48% of what it costs in Anguilla


  • Average time per day spent driving: 2.3 hours
  • Number of speeding tickets the kids bet I would get: 2, 2, 3 and 5
  • Number of speeding tickets received: 0
  • Number of days spent speeding: [redacted]
  • Number of states visited: 13 or 26% of the US
  • Number of oceans visited: 3, the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.
  • Number of countries visited: 4, if you count Anguilla and St Maartin, which is French and Dutch.
  • Number of different places we spent the night at: 20
  • Average stay at each hotel: 2.2 days
  • Average cost of housing, per day: 91% of what I pay for housing in Anguilla, except our house here doesn’t come with a complimentary breakfast buffet for 5 people.


  • Cities visited: 23. Yardley, PA; Rhinebeck, NY; Newark, DE; Washington DC; Richmond and Petersburg, VA; Asheville and Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; Las Vegas, NV;          Chattanooga and Soddy Daisy, TN; Gainesville and Savannah, GA; Greenville,Beaufort  and Charleston, SC; Jacksonville, Destin, Seaside, Tallahassee,Tampa and Orlando, FL.
  • Place most similar to Anguilla: Destin, FL as it’s the same in size and residents, but Destin has 750% the amount of tourism that Anguilla does.
  • Place least similar to Anguilla: Manhattan, NYC which is oddly enough also almost the exact same physical size as Anguilla, but has 1245% times the population.
  • Number of museums, playgrounds, parks, laser tag and movie theatres visited: 16 which is a huge deal as Anguilla has none of any of those.
  • Number of grocery stores we went to: 12, all of which could have housed our little island store in the produce section alone.
  • Average price of food, compared to Anguilla: roughly 42% although it would have been much lower if it wasn’t for Manhattan.
  • Number of fast food places visited: 1
  • Number of food deliveries: 1
  • Number of pets we met: 15 or 25 if you include mice or 46 if you include fish.
  • Number of pets the kids wanted to kidnap: 45
  • Number of pets the kids actually tried to kidnap: 1 teeny tiny mouse
  • Number of accidents or injuries: 0
  • Number of memories made and wonderful people we met along the way: countless

Tools used to plot our route:

Google Maps,,, Hi-Def radar app, Facebook, Twitter

Hardware used: 

2005 Chrystler Pacifica I bought 7 hours into our trip. Koolatron Voyager Cooler. TomTom navigation system. Swiss army knives, duct tape, frisbee, twine, soccer ball, cable ties, kazoo, water guns, nunchucks, kite, slingshot, giant bubble wands, TMNT backpack.

2 iPads, 1 Kindle Fire, 4 Blackberry phones, 1 Virgin mobile mifi, 1 Fujitsu x10 camera, 4 amazing kids up for anything, 1 slightly insane adult.

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