Ready, Set – ACTION!

Non-Stop Action

In case you haven’t heard, I got a new camera and I LOOOOOVE it!
My new Panasonic Lumix affords me much needed flexibility around here, since it’s water, sand and shock-proof.
Not only does that grant me a new perspective, but it also helps me relax more as the camera most likely won’t break if the kids get a hold of it and break it.

I’ve been testing the camera in various conditions, low light, bright light, underwater etc and I am pleasantly surprised with the high quality of the pics. The BEST part though are the high definition videos it takes which look GORGEOUS and stay reasonably pretty even when uploaded to YouTube.
Check out my first attempt here

The last camera I was in love with, was my Kodak V610 Dual Lense camera. Actually, that was also my first camera I was ever in love with as I frankly didn’t know you could be in love with something that has an on or off switch before.
The Olympus Stylus I had after that just wasn’t the same. It was ok. Did it’s job, but nothing remotely what I would describe as “love”, much less “great enthusiasm”.

Thank you Volker for telling me about the Lumix.
I love it and the wonderful moments is allows me to capture!

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Originally Swiss, recovering Caribbean island inhabitant. Amateur zoo keeper. Probably under-caffeinated, always hungry and curious. Interested in technology, collaboration and connecting people. Resourcefulness is my super power.

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