I can see it now…. “Ghoat Island”

After this post on Twitter:

@duffbert Goat parties. Hm… wonder if I could make pillow cover ghost costumes for the bands of roving goats for Halloween #FreakedOutKids

[4:25:31 PM] Julian Robichaux: so Francie, I think your Halloween goat ghost costume idea is fantastic

[4:25:42 PM] Julian Robichaux: we want pictures of the ghoats

[4:25:48 PM] Francie Tanner: ghoats, I love it

[4:26:06 PM] Francie Tanner: can you imagine having dozends of ghoats running around your house on Halloween

[4:26:24 PM] Julian Robichaux: that would be hilarious, although would seriously freak out the kids

[4:26:43 PM] Francie Tanner: completely

[4:26:52 PM] Julian Robichaux: especially if you could teach them to say “boo” instead of “baa”

[4:27:04 PM] Julian Robichaux: not sure that ghoats are that smart though

[4:27:19 PM] Francie Tanner: i can tell you that for sure – they are not smart

[4:27:33 PM] Francie Tanner: although, I have seen several goats in town look both ways before crossing the road

[4:27:41 PM] Francie Tanner: not just once here and there, like all the time

[4:27:45 PM] Julian Robichaux: wow

[4:27:52 PM] Julian Robichaux: evolution?

[4:28:14 PM] Francie Tanner: must be, ’cause as soon as you get out of our “downtown” you see dead goats again

[4:28:37 PM] Julian Robichaux: those are the ones that have not been naturally selected

[4:28:45 PM] Julian Robichaux: or, naturally unselected

[4:30:09 PM] Francie Tanner: so basically, if I start now, there is a small chance my kids kids could get fraked out for life by island ghoats saying “boo”

[4:30:39 PM] Julian Robichaux: possibly

[4:30:45 PM] Julian Robichaux: how long is a generation in goat years?

[4:30:57 PM] Francie Tanner: smart one’s or stupid one’s

[4:31:07 PM] Julian Robichaux: the ones that survive

[4:31:11 PM] Julian Robichaux: so, smart ones

[4:32:11 PM] Francie Tanner: hold pls, checking

[4:32:50 PM] Francie Tanner: “between 15 and 18 years”

[4:33:01 PM] Francie Tanner: damn, but would imagine here in the wild it’s less

[4:33:43 PM] Julian Robichaux: probably

[4:33:55 PM] Julian Robichaux: I’m thinking it’ll take at least 7 generations

[4:34:10 PM] Julian Robichaux: but, they probably start reproducing after about 2 or 3 years…

[4:34:24 PM] Julian Robichaux: let’s say 3, to give you time to train them…

[4:34:30 PM] Julian Robichaux: yes, I think it just might work!

[4:35:23 PM] Francie Tanner: hm “goats are extremely curious and intelligent”

[4:35:55 PM] Francie Tanner: I think we’re onto something here

[4:36:35 PM] Julian Robichaux: there’s probably a government grant for this sort of activity too

[4:36:58 PM] Francie Tanner: it could boost tourism, for sure

[4:38:23 PM] Julian Robichaux: sadly, ghoat.com is already taken

[4:38:57 PM] Julian Robichaux: for what evil purpose, I don’t know

[4:39:48 PM] Francie Tanner: I can sue, it’s ok

[4:41:07 PM] Julian Robichaux: good point. The lawyers will probably be knocking at your door wanting to represent you in that landmark case.

[4:42:51 PM] Francie Tanner: a landmark case that changed the footprint of a nation

[4:42:55 PM] Francie Tanner: hey, I like that’

[4:43:13 PM] Francie Tanner: “changing the footprint of Anguilla” and there would be goat prints next to that

[4:43:22 PM] Julian Robichaux: HA

[4:43:30 PM] Julian Robichaux: yes, think of the merchandising!

[4:43:44 PM] Francie Tanner: “Experience Ghoast Island”

[4:44:13 PM] Julian Robichaux: I wonder if you could license the Scooby Doo characters?

[4:44:22 PM] Francie Tanner: “Tranquility, surrounded by Ghoats”

(our slogan is “tranquility wrapped in blue”)

[4:44:34 PM] Julian Robichaux: have them running in terror, away from square-eyed ghoasts

[4:44:58 PM] Julian Robichaux: hmm, we’ll need to decide on ghoat vs. ghoast

[4:45:30 PM] Francie Tanner: ghoat

[4:45:32 PM] Julian Robichaux: that could make all the difference

[4:48:02 PM] Francie Tanner: Just found a Chinese merchandiser that makes those plush animals that make noises when you push on their belly. Am about to order 500’000 Ghoats, you good with that?

[4:48:25 PM] Julian Robichaux: that’s enough for an initial order, sure

[4:48:43 PM] Julian Robichaux: as long as they can keep enough in stock for refills

[4:49:06 PM] Francie Tanner: next stop, Target exclusive beding and towel sets

[4:50:08 PM] Julian Robichaux: I’m going to start looking into voice talent for the inevitable kids show

[4:50:39 PM] Julian Robichaux: I’m thinking either computer animation or claymation

[4:52:27 PM] Francie Tanner: while at it, can you make a grown up version graphical novel

[4:52:55 PM] Francie Tanner: where unsuspecting tourists get eaten by Ghoats who got infected with this mysterious disease?

[4:55:49 PM] Julian Robichaux: well, I’ll have to check to make sure it hasn’t been done before of course

[4:56:04 PM] Julian Robichaux: it sounds like such an obvious plot

[4:59:24 PM] Francie Tanner: I am amazed at our brilliance

[5:00:34 PM] Julian Robichaux: this is like one of those amazing moments of clarity that people will talk about for years to come

[5:00:52 PM] Julian Robichaux: “How is it that it took so long for someone to think of this?”

[5:01:04 PM] Susan Bulloch: i was there when it started

Update: Julian was kind enough to provide a picture, for those of you that can’t imagine Ghoats …


How Rum Stopped the Water – the Month in Review

While this blog was on hyatus, we moved….


…to a cute yellow house on top of a hill with a rainbow above it… (note the open hood of my yet-again broken down car on the left)


….with plantain palms that I can reach, and coconut palms that I cannot.


The view from the house is truly awe inspiring, even at night, where you can see thousands of stars as there is no ambient light to our East whatsoever. Just a 260 degree ocean view.

move4 Also, my oldest turned 12, which is sort of odd.


We had an great housewarming party…


…and all the kids are back in school now.


Since we live on a dead end road, the kids can roam around as they please and since they all got new bikes, there are times when I don’t know where any of them are, which is quite stunning, if you ask me.


Hurricanes Ana and Bill and TS Erika did not hit us and merely brought rain, lots of wind and empty grocery store shelves…


…but at least we still had very expensive, very happy Cherries.


The kids absolutely love the new house and continue to be creative, inventing toys and games, such as this awesome see-saw…


…and they also found a way to harvest coconuts 🙂


Our new house is still dependant upon rain water collecting in our cistern, which we then boil, as there is no central water system in Anguilla. Since the recent set of hurricanes brought rain, we have about 5000 gallons in the cistern right now, which all were trying to escape into the ground after our water pump blew up last night….

6 …until I figured out the prefect thing to the gravity feed into the pump stop…


…our very own Pyrate rum (cork) to the rescue!