MacGyver Bag (This Might Explain A Lot)

Due to popular demand (i.e. one of you asked) and my friend Shannon’s post here, I present you the contents of the famous MacGyver bag:


  1. Several packets ofSugru, the air-drying silicone putty that can be used to fix cars, cables, handles and just about anything you can imagine. Honestly, I have no idea how MacGyver happened without this stuff.
  2. Dental floss for both it’s intended purpose or tying something together
  3. Regular and blister bandaids
  4. Gum ’cause how else is MacGyver supposed to make a bomb. Duh.
  5. Extra earbuds with mic in case I forgetmy awesome one’s
  6. Swiss army knife, TSA approved travel size. This one was once used to save a dog’s life at the beach, true story!
  7. 2 yards of duct tape (with pickles on it that says “Dill with it”) wrapped around some bobby pins. I really feel like this item requires no explanation.
  8. Flashlight
  9. Lip balm, which is also great on cuts or pending blisters
  10. Female hardware which is seriously great for sooo many things. If you don’t believe me, read this “The Art of Manliness”
  11. Emergency googly eyes, safety pins, paper clip and a cigar punch, because sometimes you have to keep things from falling apart and other times you have toloosen things up. Also, cigar cutters suck.
  12. Nail clippers
  13. Hair tie, spare button, universal handcuff key because you just never know where life takes you.
  14. Emergency mustache which is a total must have for disguises or when you need to make 3 year olds laugh.
  15. Tums
  16. Single black nylon sock, an absolute must have as a stylish hair band for surprise dates or tying something together. And I guess you could use it as a sock too, but I’ve never done that.
  17. Survival multi tool,again TSA approved. I use this thing all the time. Seriously.
  18. Pain meds and Alka Seltzer
  19. Permanent marker and nail file for when you’re on a 6 week road trip and your temporary license plate blows off and you have tomake a new oneout of an envelope, pencil tops, duct tape and a permanent marker.
  20. Moo cards for when you meet random, yet awesome people
  21. Sewing kit, especially handy for emergency altering clothes at conferences.
  22. Cable ties because these things arethe greatest!
  23. Benedryl for when someone has an allergic reaction
  24. Shout wipes for those of us blessed with a little less grace than others
  25. Mini screw driver set, emergency cash and check in case you live on a Caribbean island where people only take cash or checks and despite how hard you try to remember that, you still continue walking around with credit cards only most of the time.
  26. Waterproof case because nobody likes a wet emergency moustache.

Author: akafrancie

Originally Swiss, recovering Caribbean island inhabitant. Amateur zoo keeper. Probably under-caffeinated, always hungry and curious. Interested in technology, collaboration and connecting people. Resourcefulness is my super power.

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