I can see it now…. “Ghoat Island”

After this post on Twitter:

@duffbert Goat parties. Hm… wonder if I could make pillow cover ghost costumes for the bands of roving goats for Halloween #FreakedOutKids

[4:25:31 PM] Julian Robichaux: so Francie, I think your Halloween goat ghost costume idea is fantastic

[4:25:42 PM] Julian Robichaux: we want pictures of the ghoats

[4:25:48 PM] Francie Tanner: ghoats, I love it

[4:26:06 PM] Francie Tanner: can you imagine having dozends of ghoats running around your house on Halloween

[4:26:24 PM] Julian Robichaux: that would be hilarious, although would seriously freak out the kids

[4:26:43 PM] Francie Tanner: completely

[4:26:52 PM] Julian Robichaux: especially if you could teach them to say “boo” instead of “baa”

[4:27:04 PM] Julian Robichaux: not sure that ghoats are that smart though

[4:27:19 PM] Francie Tanner: i can tell you that for sure – they are not smart

[4:27:33 PM] Francie Tanner: although, I have seen several goats in town look both ways before crossing the road

[4:27:41 PM] Francie Tanner: not just once here and there, like all the time

[4:27:45 PM] Julian Robichaux: wow

[4:27:52 PM] Julian Robichaux: evolution?

[4:28:14 PM] Francie Tanner: must be, ’cause as soon as you get out of our “downtown” you see dead goats again

[4:28:37 PM] Julian Robichaux: those are the ones that have not been naturally selected

[4:28:45 PM] Julian Robichaux: or, naturally unselected

[4:30:09 PM] Francie Tanner: so basically, if I start now, there is a small chance my kids kids could get fraked out for life by island ghoats saying “boo”

[4:30:39 PM] Julian Robichaux: possibly

[4:30:45 PM] Julian Robichaux: how long is a generation in goat years?

[4:30:57 PM] Francie Tanner: smart one’s or stupid one’s

[4:31:07 PM] Julian Robichaux: the ones that survive

[4:31:11 PM] Julian Robichaux: so, smart ones

[4:32:11 PM] Francie Tanner: hold pls, checking

[4:32:50 PM] Francie Tanner: “between 15 and 18 years”

[4:33:01 PM] Francie Tanner: damn, but would imagine here in the wild it’s less

[4:33:43 PM] Julian Robichaux: probably

[4:33:55 PM] Julian Robichaux: I’m thinking it’ll take at least 7 generations

[4:34:10 PM] Julian Robichaux: but, they probably start reproducing after about 2 or 3 years…

[4:34:24 PM] Julian Robichaux: let’s say 3, to give you time to train them…

[4:34:30 PM] Julian Robichaux: yes, I think it just might work!

[4:35:23 PM] Francie Tanner: hm “goats are extremely curious and intelligent”

[4:35:55 PM] Francie Tanner: I think we’re onto something here

[4:36:35 PM] Julian Robichaux: there’s probably a government grant for this sort of activity too

[4:36:58 PM] Francie Tanner: it could boost tourism, for sure

[4:38:23 PM] Julian Robichaux: sadly, ghoat.com is already taken

[4:38:57 PM] Julian Robichaux: for what evil purpose, I don’t know

[4:39:48 PM] Francie Tanner: I can sue, it’s ok

[4:41:07 PM] Julian Robichaux: good point. The lawyers will probably be knocking at your door wanting to represent you in that landmark case.

[4:42:51 PM] Francie Tanner: a landmark case that changed the footprint of a nation

[4:42:55 PM] Francie Tanner: hey, I like that’

[4:43:13 PM] Francie Tanner: “changing the footprint of Anguilla” and there would be goat prints next to that

[4:43:22 PM] Julian Robichaux: HA

[4:43:30 PM] Julian Robichaux: yes, think of the merchandising!

[4:43:44 PM] Francie Tanner: “Experience Ghoast Island”

[4:44:13 PM] Julian Robichaux: I wonder if you could license the Scooby Doo characters?

[4:44:22 PM] Francie Tanner: “Tranquility, surrounded by Ghoats”

(our slogan is “tranquility wrapped in blue”)

[4:44:34 PM] Julian Robichaux: have them running in terror, away from square-eyed ghoasts

[4:44:58 PM] Julian Robichaux: hmm, we’ll need to decide on ghoat vs. ghoast

[4:45:30 PM] Francie Tanner: ghoat

[4:45:32 PM] Julian Robichaux: that could make all the difference

[4:48:02 PM] Francie Tanner: Just found a Chinese merchandiser that makes those plush animals that make noises when you push on their belly. Am about to order 500’000 Ghoats, you good with that?

[4:48:25 PM] Julian Robichaux: that’s enough for an initial order, sure

[4:48:43 PM] Julian Robichaux: as long as they can keep enough in stock for refills

[4:49:06 PM] Francie Tanner: next stop, Target exclusive beding and towel sets

[4:50:08 PM] Julian Robichaux: I’m going to start looking into voice talent for the inevitable kids show

[4:50:39 PM] Julian Robichaux: I’m thinking either computer animation or claymation

[4:52:27 PM] Francie Tanner: while at it, can you make a grown up version graphical novel

[4:52:55 PM] Francie Tanner: where unsuspecting tourists get eaten by Ghoats who got infected with this mysterious disease?

[4:55:49 PM] Julian Robichaux: well, I’ll have to check to make sure it hasn’t been done before of course

[4:56:04 PM] Julian Robichaux: it sounds like such an obvious plot

[4:59:24 PM] Francie Tanner: I am amazed at our brilliance

[5:00:34 PM] Julian Robichaux: this is like one of those amazing moments of clarity that people will talk about for years to come

[5:00:52 PM] Julian Robichaux: “How is it that it took so long for someone to think of this?”

[5:01:04 PM] Susan Bulloch: i was there when it started

Update: Julian was kind enough to provide a picture, for those of you that can’t imagine Ghoats …


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