Hurricane Irma Relief for Anguilla

Hurricane Irma has devastated our beloved Anguilla which is in urgent need of supplies. Every structure on the island has been damaged or destroyed, many stores simply don’t exist anymore and electricity won’t be restored for many, many months.

Government Disaster Management operations are in place and moving, but the reality is that private groups can move much quicker at this stage to mobilize relief. While our efforts are privately funded, we are sanctioned by Disaster Management and working with them and other NGO’s.

The way people from all of the World are coming together to help Anguilla after being devastated by hurricane Irma speaks volumes about the people of Anguilla.

Many supplies have already been purchased off the Amazon Wish list – with more high priority items being added constantly in coordination with Disaster Management, the GOA and Relief Committee.

Am so happy to report that our first donated cargo plane going to Anguilla from Puerto Rico has been solidified and is bringing in 6000lb supplies and locally sourced items!

If you have already donated – THANK YOU!
Please share the above link with your networks to ensure the next flight is filled up too.
And the one after that.
And the one after that.

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