Dealing with Hurricanes – Take-Home Bonus

So I bet by now you’re now thinking “I wonder how to re-create what a hurricane is like”. Lucky for you, I’ve had a lot of time to think about how to do this and here’s what you need for a perfectly safe re-creation:

  • kids playhouse or small tool shed
  • several heavy-duty sprinklers
  • pots and pans and baking sheets
  • a few leaf blowers
  • a few shop-vac’s
  • playback equipment with pre-recorded hurricane noise, such as this one or this here.
  1. Setup all the sprinklers in close perimeter to the playhouse and turn on high. if water seeps in to cracks and doors, you got it setup properly.
  2. Position and secure the leaf blowers and vacuums right against the walls of the house, set them up to alternate between the on (high) and off positions every few seconds. If you’re inside and feel alternating pressure and suction and can hear clanking and rattling then you’re good to go.
  3. Put the pots and baking sheets on the roof of the playhouse, they should make noise when the sprinkler water hits.
  4. Turn the recorded sounds on high, preferably several at the same time. The sound of a hurricane is actually a deep rumble, clanking and high whistles/screams in addition to those wind noises but my attempts to record the actual sounds didn’t work out too well.
  5. Bonus: For extra special scary effects, turn on high and do all this at night.

Have fun and stay safe out there, y’all!

Author: akafrancie

Originally Swiss, recovering Caribbean island inhabitant. Amateur zoo keeper. Probably under-caffeinated, always hungry and curious. Interested in technology, collaboration and connecting people. Resourcefulness is my super power.

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