Too much going on to write properly, or even gather my thoughts in a cohesive way. Being here is interesting, some things annoying, parts of it very pleasant, some things magical. I am definitively a foreigner here, although I am getting to know other aspects of Switzerland I never knew that are providing a different perspective. 

We’ve recently gotten a chance to travel a bit, I got to properly “meet” Vienna and yesterday we took a road trip to Germany, meeting friends and lots of laughter. Hand feeding monkeys, crossing the Bodensee by car-ferry and just playing on various playgrounds and giggling are recent highlights. We’ve seen lots of different animals and surroundings and I have enjoyed several concerts which are always very comfortable surroundings for me.

My favorite thing is to “see” everything through my kids eyes, for whom everything is new and different and exciting. It really is a different World for them and I am in awe of how easy they are entertained, a stick, a fountain, anything provided hours of entertainment. Watching them work together to build a damn or make a fort together is both the best and worst feeling, worst because I know what’s coming as soon as we get back. 
I can’t imagine how they’ll function apart, but somehow, I am sure they will. 

Until then, we will embark on more foreign adventures and laughter, like in the picture above, which you can’t help but smile at! Making every day count. In some way. What else could you possibly ask for….

Author: akafrancie

Originally Swiss, recovering Caribbean island inhabitant. Amateur zoo keeper. Probably under-caffeinated, always hungry and curious. Interested in technology, collaboration and connecting people. Resourcefulness is my super power.

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